Tech Companies

Tax avoidance by large multinational tech companies has been one of the most important tax stories of the last decade.

The digitisation of the economy has created more opportunities for companies to shift profits offshore and sparked a series of initiatives by the OECD and governments around the world to reform their tax systems.

Our aim is to research and monitor the tax strategies of large multinational tech companies in order to better inform both the public and policy makers.

G7 tax deal represents a tax cut for big tech in the UK – new analysis

A new analysis from TaxWatch has demonstrated that tech giants will end up paying less tax under the proposals put forward by the G7 than they are currently liable for under the digital services tax.

Netflix, tax reform and the unreal nature of digital taxation

Netflix has announced that it will start reporting billions in revenues to their local tax authorities. We ask – what does this tell us about tax structures in the digital sector?

The coronavirus is not an excuse for tech giants to cash in on taxpayer generosity

Tech companies are using Covid-19 as an excuse to lobby governments around the world for a deferral to digital services taxes and reductions in privacy laws according to media reports.

Tech companies and the response to Covid-19

We calculate that the amount of cash donated by these tech giants accounts for just 0.22% of the total amount of profits accumulated in tax havens by the end of 2017.

US effective tax rate over four times higher for tech companies

A new study has shown that large technology companies have historically paid more than four times in tax on their US profits than on profits made in the rest of the world.

Top five tech companies in the UK avoided an estimated £1.3bn in tax in 2018 – new analysis

New analysis by TaxWatch shows that the top 5 tech companies operating in the UK avoided an estimated £1.3bn in taxes between them in 2018.

Netflix tax affairs debated in the House of Commons

Dame Margaret Hodge debates Netflix’s tax affairs, telling Commons the streaming company is taking British taxpayers “for a ride”

Netflix UK revenues hit an estimated £1bn, but will the company start paying any corporation tax?

Netflix’s latest annual report suggests that the company is now making significant profits in the UK

Rockstar takes the pot – 2019 accounts show huge increase in Grand Theft Auto tax claim

Rockstar North pays no corporation tax in 2018-2019 while claiming relief worth more than 315 other games combined.

No tax and chill: Netflix’s offshore millions

New report reveals the scale of profit shifting by online video giant Netflix

The hangover after the double Irish

What does Google’s announcement mean for global tax reform?

TaxWatch calls on Facebook to come clean over tax affairs

Most of Facebook’s profits are being shifted into tax havens, with Facebook paying an average tax rate of just 12% in 2018. Why?

Swedish goats, Japanese hedgehogs and Batman

The £324 million tax bung to the ‘culturally British’ gaming industry. A new report looks into why the government is spending three times more than planned on subsidising the video games industry.

Global Video Games Giants: Playing the system or paying their fair share?

Four large companies have claimed close to half of all Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) since the scheme’s inception. The cost of Video Games Tax Relief has spiralled to over £100m a year, and since 2014 has seen WarnerMedia claim £60m, Sony £30m, and Sega £20m.

BFI refuses to disclose information regarding GTA V tax credit scandal

TaxWatch is appealing the decision by the BFI to refuse the disclosure of information regarding the Grant Theft Auto V tax credit scandal.

Activision Blizzard’s Bermudian Billions

A report from investigative think tank TaxWatch reveals Activision Blizzard’s extensive offshore structure and how the publisher of hit games Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush moved €5bn to companies in Bermuda and Barbados between 2013-2017

Developers of Grand Theft Auto claim millions in tax credits

New report reveals how the makers of Grand Theft Auto managed to pay no UK corporation tax and claim millions in government subsidies whist making $$$ billions in profit

European Commission responds to TaxWatch call to investigate Google

The European Commission has responded to TaxWatch’s call to launch an investigation into the tax structure of Google.

Tax Treaties, the source of the problem

The Financial Secretary to the Treasury recently confirmed concerns that the UK’s tax treaties will render the government’s latest attempt to tax the tech giants ineffective.

TaxWatch calls on the European Commission to open an investigation into Google’s European Tax Avoidance Scheme

TaxWatch calls on the European Commission to launch an investigation into Google’s tax avoidance in Europe, which costs governments billions in lost revenues.

French tax authority’s Apple bill shows up weakness of HMRC

A settlement with the French Authorities makes the UK settlement with Apple look pretty weak.

How much profit are Google, Apple, Facebook, Cisco and Microsoft making in the UK?

How should profit be distributed within the modern multinational corporation?

TaxWatch report estimates UK is losing £1bn a year in taxes to profit shifting by just 5 companies

Despite a supposed crackdown on international tax avoidance, the government is still failing to grapple with the problem.

TaxWatch comments on Facebook UK’s 2017 accounts

Facebook is making far more from UK market than they are putting through the UK accounts.