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Seeing the wood from the trees: Putting HMRC wealthy compliance statistics in context

A report about trends in case numbers opened by a niche HMRC team requires a bit of context to judge whether the question it poses is the correct one.

Hanging on the telephone: The front line of HMRC’s customer service?

HMRC’s increasingly poor telephone service is impacting its ability to collect the right amount of tax and damaging the wider economy.

Taxing online selling: What’s really changing?

Misunderstandings and confusing media coverage last week have created uncertainty about how transactions made via online platforms such as Vinted, Ebay and Airbnb should be taxed.

TaxWatch launches regulatory complaint against Mr Douglas Barrowman

TaxWatch has lodged a formal complaint to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland in respect of its member, Douglas Barrowman.

How much tax did multinational companies underpay in the UK last year?

A recent story about multinational companies underpaying billions of pounds of UK tax caught our attention, but it turns out the figures aren’t quite what they seem.

Research & Development tax reliefs – never getting any easier

The government’s Autumn Statement 2023 continues to increase the complexity and administrative burden of the UK R&D regime.

TaxWatch responds to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2023

Amongst the theatrical showmanship that characterises UK fiscal events TaxWatch pulls out a few of the more interesting announcements made in today’s Autumn Statement.

Investment allowances: Greasing the oil industry’s machine?

The extremely high level of tax relief available to the UK’s oil and gas companies compared to all other businesses has the potential to distort private sector investment, TaxWatch believes.

TaxWatch welcomes proposals to tackle promoters of tax avoidance

Two proposals in the draft Finance Bill 2023-24 aimed at tackling promoters of tax avoidance have been welcomed by TaxWatch.

TaxWatch releases latest report on the State of Tax Administration

Our latest annual report explores the UK Government’s administration and enforcement of the tax system.

Seven large tech groups estimated to have dodged £2bn in UK tax in 2021

New TaxWatch analysis shows how they appear to use complex tax driven structures to reduce their UK corporation tax.

TaxWatch’s view on Labour’s proposed Covid corruption commissioner

While it’s great news Labour is focusing on tackling fraud, real success depends on fully-funded public services to take appropriate action in those cases.