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Holiday let tax rules allow owners to escape thousands of pounds in tax

The tax treatment of furnished holiday properties appears inappropriately generous and could encourage houses to be locked away to save thousands of pounds in taxes.

‘Our tax system is too complicated’ concludes Treasury Committee report on tax reliefs

The Treasury Select Committee has published a report into tax reliefs which calls for regular reviews and the removal of some.

Around £1bn per year lost to fraud and error in R&D tax relief claims

HMRC’s initial data into R&D tax relief claims shows significant underestimates in previous calculations of fraud and error in the schemes.

HMRC’s 2023 Tax Gap report: Proportion of tax going unpaid unchanged from previous year

The amount of tax lost in the 2021-22 financial year was 4.8% of the total tax owed, the same figure as the previous year.

Public Accounts Committee says HMRC not doing enough to deter tax cheats

HMRC must do more to deter and punish tax cheats.

Beyond the Loan Charge: Will the most recent proposals finally shut down disguised remuneration schemes?

HMRC estimates that 31,000 people used disguised remuneration schemes in 2020-21.

Can a posse of professional bodies clean up tax dodge city?

What – if anything – can be done about professionals that break the rules?

R&D relief – still not working?

What does the money achieve?

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Spring Budget 2023

Key tax takeaways from the Spring Budget 2023.

R&D – still changing after all these years

R&D tax reliefs are not working as intended.

HMRC tax defaulting tax advisor reported to two professional bodies

TaxWatch complains to professional bodies about deliberate tax defaulter.