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Will £51m really fix HMRC’s customer service helpline?

The Treasury’s additional funding for HMRC customer service is just a sticking plaster over an ingrained problem that needs a longer-term strategy and consistency of funding to resolve.

Are we nearly there yet? In search of the elusive offshore tax gap

HMRC now says offshore tax gap data will be published in June 2024, two years after the government announced it and a year after the information was due.

How to create a world class tax authority

TaxWatch published an article in Taxation magazine last week about the launch of the Funding the Nation report by ARC, the union for senior staff within HMRC.

Is HMRC fighting the right fight on avoidance schemes?

While HMRC appears to have stepped up activity against the promotion of tax avoidance arrangements, it seems that increased civil action is at best only containing the total number of schemes.

Gold plating tax reliefs for the silver screen

What are the implications of the additional fiscal support given to the creative industries in the Spring Budget, and do the changes provide value for money?

Latest Government consultation grapples with how to regulate tax advisers

TaxWatch introduces the latest Government consultation into regulating tax advice market.

TaxWatch responds to the Spring Budget 2024

The TaxWatch team focuses its thoughts on a few areas of the Budget statement it found particularly interesting, from a tax compliance and administration standpoint.

Would scrapping furnished holiday let tax benefits really raise £300m?

Abolishing preferential tax rules for furnished holiday lets owners will only raise the speculated revenue if the compliance rules are carefully thought out.

Fit for the future: Does HMRC have the right staff skills and technology?

HMRC’s effectiveness is being held back by legacy IT systems, staff and pay reductions and a lack of effective workforce planning.

Mind the gap: How to collect the right tax?

There are fundamental issues around the subject of compliance for HMRC, which needs, among other things, a proper workforce plan with trained and motivated staff able to deal with all aspects of compliance.

Seeing the wood from the trees: Putting HMRC wealthy compliance statistics in context

A report about trends in case numbers opened by a niche HMRC team requires a bit of context to judge whether the question it poses is the correct one.

Hanging on the telephone: The front line of HMRC’s customer service?

HMRC’s increasingly poor telephone service is impacting its ability to collect the right amount of tax and damaging the wider economy.