Our team

Director – George Turner

George Turner is the director of TaxWatch. He is an investigative journalist and one of the founders of Finance Uncovered, an investigative reporting and training organisation. As a journalist he has led multiple investigations that have appeared on front pages across the world.

George first became interested in tax policy when he wrote a paper for the think tank Centre Forum in 2013, which revealed how the UK’s private equity owned water companies structured their finances to minimise corporation tax payments.

Before becoming an investigative journalist George was head of the Westminster office of the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes.

Researcher – Alex Dunnagan

Alex Dunnagan is an accredited criminal investigator and military intelligence analyst. He previously worked at the National Crime Agency, investigating human trafficking, child exploitation, and political corruption.

Prior to joining TaxWatch, Alex worked at a private intelligence company leading a team of analysts providing security reporting to multi-national corporations.

Communications – Paul Hebden

Paul Hebden works part-time providing communications and research support to TaxWatch. He has a background in strategic communications and campaigning.

Before joining TaxWatch Paul worked for a number of NGOs, charities, and as a journalist.

Tax Law Adviser- Osita Mba

Dr Osita Mba is a Barrister and Solicitor in Nigeria and a Solicitor Advocate in England and Wales. He is also a Chartered Tax Adviser and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. He was a lawyer for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) from 2007 to 2013. In 2014, he was awarded the Middlesex University UK Whistleblowing Award “in recognition of his part in exposing a tax settlement between HRMC and Goldman Sachs.”

Osita’s doctoral research, entitled “Cheating the Public Revenue: The Nature and Meaning of ‘Tax Avoidance’ and ‘Tax Evasion’ in English Law”, explores the meaning of ‘tax avoidance’ and ‘tax evasion’ in law using Common Law principles used in all jurisdictions. It challenges the dogma that “tax evasion is illegal but tax avoidance is legal”, which is accepted as an article of faith in domestic and international taxation, and argues that tax avoidance and tax evasion are different forms of cheating the public revenue under the Common Law, which corresponds to tax fraud in all jurisdictions.

Our directors

Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks is an award winning investigative journalist with Private Eye magazine and a former tax inspector. He chairs TaxWatch’s editorial committee.

Richard is the author of “The Great British Tax Robbery: How Britain became a Tax Haven for Fat Cats and Big Business” (Oneworld, 2013). His latest book – Bean Counters (Atlantic, 2018) is an expose of the accountancy profession, including its instrumental role in tax avoidance.

Julian Richer

Julian Richer is a highly respected entrepreneur and philanthropist. The founder of Richer Sounds, the UK’s largest Hi-Fi retailer, Julian opened his first shop aged just 19.
The company has paid the real living wage to all employees since 2014, and gives 15% of its operating profit to charity every year. Richer Sounds has also been awarded a fair tax mark accreditation.

Julian’s latest book – the Ethical Capitalist: How to Make Business Work for a Better Society – was published in 2018.

James Timpson

James Timpson is the CEO of Timpson’s the UK’s largest retail service provider, with 2000 shops across the country. James, who is chair of the Prison Reform Trust, was responsible for Timpson’s pioneering work with former inmates, helping them to gain meaningful employment on release from prison. Today, 10% of colleagues at Timpson were recruited directly from prison. Timpson’s is also a fair tax mark accredited business.

Damien Morrison

Damien Morrison is a partner in Morrison and Associates Solicitors and has specialised in criminal law. He regularly practises as a Higher Court Advocate.

Damien is the Company Secretary of TaxWatch.

Ana Caistor Arendar

Ana is Head of Inequality Campaigns and Policy at Oxfam GB. She previously worked as Oxfam’s Campaigns, Policy and Communications Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean based in Mexico and Bolivia, and as Oxfam’s Campaigns and Policy Manager in Haiti, where she worked on the humanitarian responses following the 2010 earthquake and the cholera outbreak later that year.

Jennifer Herrera

Jennifer Herrera is the CEO of the Good Business Foundation which runs an accreditation to recognise responsible business, called the Good Business Charter. She is also Executive Director of Acts 435, a charity established to encourage small donations online to people in need.

Jennifer is a chartered accountant and a trustee of ASB Help, a charity supporting victims of anti-social behaviour and Love 146, a charity supporting trafficked children.

Editorial Committee

Richard Brooks

See Our Directors above

Felicity Lawrence

Felicity Lawrence is an investigative journalist and special correspondent with the Guardian. She has done pioneering work on corporate tax avoidance, responsible for some of the first work on the issue in a mainstream newspaper ten years ago.

She has written ground-breaking investigations on the food supply, migration, and government outsourcing and is author of the Sunday Times bestseller: Not On The Label: What Really Goes Into The Food On Your Plate.

Simon Bowers

Simon Bowers is Investigations Editor at Finance Uncovered, a journalism non-profit that trains, supports and collaborates with reporters working on financial investigations around the world. Previously, he spent four years as European Coordinator at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a non-profit group that organises global collaborative journalism projects.

Before joining ICIJ, Simon spent 19 years at The Guardian, where he was a senior reporter working on tax and financial investigations. Simon’s reporting has featured in the New York Times, Australian Financial Review, Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung, OCCRP, El Confidencial, British Medical Journal, Irish Times, The Guardian, BBC, Re:Baltica, Knack, De Tijd and Aftenposten.

He has appeared in, or contributed to, documentaries for Vice News, BBC Panorama, YLE, and Reveal News. He has also given a TEDx talk on a collaborative investigation into Nike’s pan-European tax avoidance activities. He has been part of collaborative reporting teams that have won several awards, including three George Polk awards for Financial Journalism (Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, LuxLeaks) and a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting (Panama Papers).