Tax fraud and avoidance

TaxWatch welcomes proposals to tackle promoters of tax avoidance

Two proposals in the draft Finance Bill 2023-24 aimed at tackling promoters of tax avoidance have been welcomed by TaxWatch.

TaxWatch’s view on Labour’s proposed Covid corruption commissioner

While it’s great news Labour is focusing on tackling fraud, real success depends on fully-funded public services to take appropriate action in those cases.

Around £1bn per year lost to fraud and error in R&D tax relief claims

HMRC’s initial data into R&D tax relief claims shows significant underestimates in previous calculations of fraud and error in the schemes.

Beyond the Loan Charge: Will the most recent proposals finally shut down disguised remuneration schemes?

HMRC estimates that 31,000 people used disguised remuneration schemes in 2020-21.

R&D relief – still not working?

What does the money achieve?

R&D – still changing after all these years

R&D tax reliefs are not working as intended.

TaxWatch give evidence at Treasury Select Committee

TaxWatch Acting Director Alex Dunnagan gave evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on 19th December highlighting the abuse of tax reliefs.

Funding of Taxpayer Protection Taskforce raises serious issues

The failure of Sunak’s taskforce highlights concerns over how HMRC compliance is funded.

Cross-party MPs call time on feeble approach to tax avoidance and urge HMRC to prosecute tax fraudsters

New report argues how supposedly ‘legal’ tax avoidance could actually be prosecuted as tax fraud