New analysis by TaxWatch shows that the top 5 tech companies operating in the UK avoided an estimated £1.3bn in taxes between them in 2018.


Dame Margaret Hodge debates Netflix’s tax affairs, telling Commons the streaming company is taking British taxpayers “for a ride”


Netflix’s latest annual report suggests that the company is now making significant profits in the UK


The inclusion of people resident in tax havens in The Sunday Times tax list demonstrates the importance of corporation tax for capturing wealth.



Swedish goats, Japanese hedgehogs and Batman

£324m of taxpayer money has been spent subsidising “culturally British” games, including Batman, Sonic, and Goat Simulator. To receive this relief, developers have to pass the BFI’s test – which we show is almost impossible to fail.


No Tax and Chill: Netflix’s Offshore Millions

Our research reveals that the online video company Netflix streamed up to $430m of profit from their international operations into tax havens in 2018, while paying no corporation tax in the UK.

Corporate Tax and Tech companies in the UK

Our first report – looking at 5 of the world’s largest tech companies operating in the UK – Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Cisco Systems.

These companies have a reputation for aggressively avoiding tax. Measured in billions of dollars these titans of the US make massive profits but pay relatively little tax in the UK.

We have estimated the UK revenues and profits of these companies and calculated the tax they might have been expected to pay, if those profits were reported in the UK.


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