About us

Tax Watch UK is an investigative think tank which aims to broaden public participation in the debate on tax. We monitor and report on the tax payments of large companies working in the UK, and research tax strategies used by companies and wealthy individuals. Our aim is to provide the unbiased and independent information necessary to allow the public to hold the government and major tax payers to account. We also analyse and put forward policy proposals for improving the tax system with the goal of creating a fairer tax system for all.

Our team

Director – George Turner

George Turner is the director of Tax Watch. He is an investigative journalist and one of the founders of Finance Uncovered, an investigative reporting and training organisation. As a journalist he has led multiple investigations that have appeared on front pages across the world.

George first became interested in tax policy when he wrote a paper for the think tank Centre Forum in 2013, which revealed how the UK’s private equity owned water companies structured their finances to minimise corporation tax payments.

Before becoming an investigative journalist George was head of the Westminster office of the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes.

Our directors

Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks is an award winning investigative journalist with Private Eye magazine and a former tax inspector. He chairs Taxwatch’s editorial committee.

Richard is the author of “The Great British Tax Robbery: How Britain became a Tax Haven for Fat Cats and Big Business” (Oneworld, 2013). His latest book – Bean Counters (Atlantic, 2018) is an expose of the accountancy profession, including its instrumental role in tax avoidance.

Julian Richer

Julian Richer is a highly respected entrepreneur and philanthropist. The founder of Richer Sounds, the UK’s largest Hi-Fi retailer, Julian opened his first shop aged just 19.

The company has paid the real living wage to all employees since 2014, and gives 15% of its operating profit to charity every year. Richer Sounds has also been awarded a fair tax mark accreditation.

Julian’s latest book – the Ethical Capitalist: How to Make Business Work for a Better Society – was published in 2018.

James Timpson

James Timpson is the CEO of Timpson’s the UK’s largest retail service provider, with 2000 shops across the country. James, who is chair of the Prison Reform Trust, was responsible for Timpson’s pioneering work with former inmates, helping them to gain meaningful employment on release from prison. Today, 10% of colleagues at Timpson were recruited directly from prison. Timpson’s is also a fair tax mark accredited business.


Seed funding for Taxwatch has been provided by Julian Richer, with active interest being shown by further major donors.

Editorial policy and complaints

Taxwatch is a responsible publisher.

Our aim is to provide research which helps the public and policy makers better understand the world of tax, tax avoidance, and tax evasion. We seek to present our research in a neutral and balanced way, grounding our reports in an analysis of the facts.

All of our output is vetted by an editorial committee made up of senior journalists and academics.

If you would like to contact the chair of our editorial committee, you can do so here: editorial@taxwatchuk.org