A Manifesto for Tax Equality

A manifesto for tax equality has been launched by a coalition of organisations calling on politicians to address tax inequality, curb tax avoidance and improve the administration of the tax system.

After ten years of cuts to public spending, there is now widespread consensus that more investment in public services is required. In this election, all of the main political parties are committing to major increases in public spending.

This manifesto provides practical policies on how to tackle the problem, and raise more funds in an equitable way.

This manifesto was produced by Tax Justice UK and TaxWatch with help from a number of leading academics. It is endorsed by the Equality Trust, Tax Research UK, the Women’s Budget Group and Church Action on Tax Justice. The lead authors were Robert Palmer (tax inequalities), George Turner (avoidance and evasion), and Paul Hebden (tax administration). The policies that we have costed could raise £69 billion, although the package of reforms, which includes measures where detailed costings are unavailable, could raise significantly more.

Read the full manifesto here.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash