TaxWatch bailout tracker

TaxWatch bailout tracker

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, governments have announced unprecedented levels of support to businesses.

In the UK it is estimated that over 50% of all large businesses are claiming government support to pay wages. The nature of this crisis means that most businesses will be impacted negatively by the crisis and government imposed restrictions on business. It is right that the government provides support to safeguard jobs and public health in these extraordinary times and the receipt of support is in no way an indication that a company is behaving unethically.

In order to assist our work in analysing and understanding the real world impacts of tax policy, TaxWatch is seeking to create a database of businesses known to be receiving government support or requests for government support from lobby groups.

With events moving so quickly, we need your help to do this.

We would be hugely grateful if you could use the form below the log any bailouts or government support being provided for businesses or being requested by industry lobbyists resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak.

There has been a significant public interest in companies which, although happy to receive support, have not been exemplary corporate citizens in the past, and companies that are seeking to gain unfairly from support provided by the government. We would be particularly interested in receiving information about companies that you feel have not demonstrated the highest ethical standards.

However, we are also happy to receive information about any company in order to better understand how support programmes are being used in practice, including examples of particularly responsible behaviour.